5 Ways Social Media Can Help Boost your Fashion Career
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5 Ways Social Media Can Help Boost your Fashion Career

So, you want important people to notice your modeling pictures? You want to build a fan base, which will be able to attract a fashion agency? Here are 5 ways to use social media to boost your career.

Building a Network and a Fan Base

Nowadays, being a top model is so much more than going to Fashion Week and posing for famous photographers. Most of the models also became it-girls on social media, like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid. Having millions of followers is a way to appeal to big brands, who want to reach the most people they can with their fashion or beauty campaigns.

Between a model with 50,000 followers and one with 2,500 followers, the marketing-oriented choice is easy to make…

Showing Your Personality as Much as Your Looks

Instagram is the perfect social media to share professional and photoshoot pictures, daily selfies, your outfit of the day or the behind the scenes. And even if a well-center and focus picture is always a bonus for your followers (you should treat each post as a work of art), don’t forget to show your personality as well.

Instagram is flooded with sexy girls in bikinis and with guys showing their abs at the gym. Sure, you can use one or two sexy pictures for your account but you should focus on pictures that show your personality: a laugh between friends, an outfit with vibrant colors, a travel picture… You will stand out.

Viral Pictures

Becoming a top model isn’t a fairy tale and for most of the models out there, it took hark work and persistence to be signed in an agency. Gisele Bündchen was rejected more than 40 times before she got her big break. But sometimes, viral pictures can change a life in days…

Anok Yai, a biochemistry student, was just enjoying the homecoming weekend at Howard University in Washington D.C., when photographer Steven Hall took a picture of her (with her consent) and posted it on his Instagram account. A week later, she was signed! In Amsterdam, a construction worker became a model in only a week! Sometimes, being viral can be a life changer. 

Having a Modern Portfolio

Forget about your bulky portfolio book. It might be essential during a meeting with photographers, brands and agencies, but you won’t be able to take it with you everywhere. And since you always have to make connections, use your Instagram account or (professional) Facebook page as a modern portfolio.

And think about all the business cards you won’t have to stack in your bag: just add on your account the models, the photographers or the brands you meet. Modern times call for modern networking.

Being Part of the Daily Discussion

Twitter is also a powerful tool when it comes to networking or just following what is going on in the fashion and beauty industry. If there is a scandal during a Fashion Week or a rising designer who is looking for muses, you have to know about it. And if you thought Instagram was a good way to become viral, wait to see what people can do with a few retweets! 

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