8 Beautiful #NoMakeup Selfies To Boost Your Confidence
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8 Beautiful #NoMakeup Selfies To Boost Your Confidence

While Instagram is filled with beautiful selfies from expert make-up artists and amateurs, it’s hard to find real and simple beauty. Luckily, some people and celebrities are still here to show us how nice simplicity and spontaneity can be…

When Celebrities Show You They’re Just Normal People

In today’s beauty industry, we all expect celebrities to look good on film premieres, on magazines cover or on the runway. Most of the time, we know they had multiple make-up artists and hair stylists to help them, and that their photo shoots are flawless thanks to Photoshop. Even Instagram bloggers use make-up, good lighting and filters to look their best.

But we forget that it doesn’t show the reality. It doesn’t show that celebrities might have under-eye puffiness or skin problems like the rest of us, that hormones can bring acne back even as an adult, and that jet lag affects everybody.

Luckily, some celebrities want us to embrace our body and are more than welcome to let you take a peek behind the curtain (of make-up), like Tyra Banks. The top model seems to feel more comfortable with years and posted multiple close-up pictures of her face without any make-up).

For Gwyneth Paltrow, who is all about having a healthy lifestyle, no-make-up selfies are essential.

Cindy Crawford is another supermodel who decided to show that beauty is everywhere and in anyone. At 51 years old, she’s still glowing.

Even beauty and fitness bloggers begin to shift their social media feed, like Sophie Gray who explained during an interview for Marie-Claire that scrolling through Instagram gave her anxiety. “I don't want to compound anyone's pain and anxiety with my portrayal of a so-called perfect life or body. I want to be a force for positive change”, she said. And now she shares no make-up selfies to help change mentalities!

The celebrity lifestyle can be hard with the skin, especially when you travel a lot. Priyanka Chopra showed it with a jet lag selfie.
But the biggest insecurity, when it comes to your skin, might be the adult acne. 

Model Tess Holliday showed her bare skin on Instagram to show that “even supermodels have breakouts”.

Beck Jackson, an Australian fitness blogger, wrote about this issue: “Having acne as an adult is not only physically painful but it's also painful when it comes to your self-confidence.”

Another way to realize that celebrities have flaws too is to see their behind-the-scene pictures, like the one Léa Seydoux shared from the movie set of “Blue Is the Warmest Color”.

Thanks to these social media heroes, changing mentalities about beauty and confidence doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.

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