8 Female Celebrities That are Great Role Models for Young Women
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8 Female Celebrities That are Great Role Models for Young Women

These women are not only excellent at their day job in front of the screen or in front of a microphone, they are excellent role models for young women. Here are 8 female celebrities that are great role models for young girls

Emma Watson

Apart from being a great actress (Hermione, Belle, the list goes on!), Emma Watson is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she helped launch the HeforShe campaign, she created an online book club, and has stayed away from any drama child actors usually face around their teen or early adulthood years. Feminism and education are the topics she is most passionate about, and she is dedicated to empower young women. Continue your great work Emma! 

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is known for her role as Jane in the hit television series Jane The Virgin but she is also a great advocate for diversity in Hollywood. Her #MovementMondays on her Instagram page features actors from different races and background. She shares their stories and gives a voice to underrepresented cultures and races in Hollywood. She also has a foundation called the We Will foundation where young women can uncover their full potential through the arts.

Demi Lovato

Unfortunately, Demi Lovato learned the truth about fame and being a teen star the hard way. She dealt with depression, an eating disorder, and self-harm when she was younger but was able to come out stronger than ever. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she seeked help and learned to love herself. She’s never been shy of speaking out about what she’s been through and has shared her story with Staying Strong, a book she wrote about her journey. Educating young girls about important issues is why we chose Demi as one of the greatest role models for young girls.


Une publication partagée par Zendaya (@zendaya) le

Zendaya’s acting career has focused on teenage and young adult shows and movies like Shake It Up and The Greatest Showman. She is never scared of defending herself on Twitter or other social media platforms. She pokes fun at herself and after Giuliana Rancic criticized her dreadlock look at the Oscars a few years ago, she wrote a beautiful and eloquent letter explaining to Rancic the harm prejudices and body shaming does and how it’s not acceptable and hurts everyone. This 21 year old woman is a real role model.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is known for belting out her smash hits all around the world. She has also starred in movies and wrote a book. A triple threat. What makes her a great role model is that she is an advocate for self-love and for embracing natural beauty. Alicia advised young women that makeup can be fun but if it starts feeling like a chore, then you should take it off and embrace your beauty. Accepting herself and not covering up (even in the spotlight) is why we find Alicia Keys is a great role model.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has always helped people. Her generosity and her empathy is what makes her more of real human than a celebrity/television host. She uses her television show to promote diversity and makes sure that people laugh and smile everyday. Inviting “real’ people on her show and not only celebrities reminds us that there’s a bigger world out there than just the Hollywood world. Coming out as a lesbian on primetime television is brave and has helped thousands of people have to courage to come out to their own family and friends. Bravo Ellen!

Lady Gaga

After telling the world about her horrible experience with sexual abuse (with her beautiful song Till It Happens To You), Lada Gaga has become even more of a role model for young women. She is an open book and a great advocate for mental health, campus rape awareness, and gay rights. Her powerful messages through her songs helps everyone deal with their own pains. Continue to make great music Lady Gaga!

Viola Davis

Viola Davis a tremendous actress. She plays strong female leads and is not scared of acting in powerful and thought provoking movies. She has spoken openly about her difficult childhood and growing up in poverty, working in Hollywood as a female black actress (like in her powerful Emmy speech: “You cannot win an Emmy...for roles that are simply not there”). She has produced a new documentary called “Two Sides” which talks about police brutality against African-American women. 

All these women are great role models and each of them are passionate about issues that can affect anyone. Inspire yourself from these amazing women and don’t be shy to talk about important subjects that matter! There is always someone who will listen to you.

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