Brenna Huckaby: The First Amputee Sports Illustrated Model
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Brenna Huckaby: The First Amputee Sports Illustrated Model

The February Sports Illustrated issue, also known as SI Swim, is one of the most coveted magazines to be featured in for fashion models: It can propel a career in mere days. This issue is full of bikini clad models on beaches, ranches, icebergs, boats, you name it!

MJ Day, the editor of the Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, has, for a couple of years now, changed the formula to add diversity in the issues. For example, she had Ashley Graham, a pioneer in the curvy model industry grace the cover, she had Christie Brinkley, a 64 year old model (who was a huge SI model in her 20s and 30s) be in the magazine, and now she featured Brenna Huckaby, an amputee and Paralympian American snowboarder. Learn more about Brenna here!

She started loving her body once she became a mom

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