Meet Jillian Mercado: A Model with a Disability
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Meet Jillian Mercado: A Model with a Disability

This Dominican model born and raised in New York has been on the fashion scene since 2014. Her love of fashion and her dedication to follow her dreams is what every single fashion hopeful needs. She once said: “I knew how narrow minded the fashion industry could be, if you want to do something, it takes dedication but it doesn't matter what other people say. Be you and go for it – I try to keep that in mind." Her hard work actually paid off. She’s signed with the biggest modelling agency in the world and has appeared in magazines and fashion campaigns. Learn more about this incredible woman.

Her love of fashion

While studying fashion marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, Mercado aspired to become a fashion model. She searched and searched for a model like her (with a disability) but couldn’t find one person that looked like her.

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