Nike Just Announced its Partnership With Callie Thrope, A Size 24 Model
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Nike Just Announced its Partnership With Callie Thrope, A Size 24 Model

When you think about the street style, lifestyle, and sweat style megabrand Nike, you think of celebrity models or major league athletes sweating and showing off their muscles they work on every day of their life. You don’t say to yourself, hey! I look exactly like that when I work out. Nike has finally understood the importance of representing e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e because it’s not only supermodels or super athletes that like to work out. Real people, with various body types, also enjoy working out.

Nike partnered with Welsh plus size blogger and model Callie Thorpe to try out the size 18-32 plus size collection. She explained on her Instagram that “bigger bodies are often ridiculed for being lazy and greedy and yet they are also bullied and mistreated when they do try to explore exercise. The truth is anyone that doesn’t have the perfect fitness proportions are completely ignored from any conversations about exercise or sport. Instead, it is the same type of bodies on the covers of fitness magazines.” She and Nike want to change the perception of the ‘ideal’ type of body that works out. They will work together on a long-term project to try and test products for the plus size line.

Nike already works with Paloma Elsesser, another plus model who is known for appearing in the Glossier’s Body Hero, the face of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and muse to the incredible international makeup artist Pat Mcgrath.

After appearing in her bikini in an online British Vogue article about 2017’s biggest bikini trends, she was bullied and mocked online for her body. Instead of people being happy that Vogue actually included different body types in bikinis (because let’s face it, seeing Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner gets pretty old sometimes) people did the opposite and body shamed Thorpe.

The worst part was that Thorpe was extremely proud and happy of being part of Vogue’s bikini article, and shared British Vogue’s Twitter post. For her, it was a great way of proving to her online bullies that she had made it big even though she was bigger than other models or the average blogger. She told British Vogue, “It was a comment directed at all the people in my past who had ever mistreated me or made me feel like I would never amount to anything because of how I looked. It wasn’t an angry or bitter sentiment, but a moment of pride and empowerment. I felt so proud of how far I had come; from being a self-deprecating, self-conscious woman, to appearing on” The story got out of hand and Thorpe became devastated when reading the comments. It wasn’t only mean comments, many of them were abusive and how she should kill herself. She recently published a video on her YouTube account about the harm online bullying can do to anyone who deals with it.  

Getting this Nike partnership shuts down the trolls and online negative comments and shows that resilient people like Thorpe will go much farther in life than people who hide behind their computer screens. Visit her blog, Callie Thorpe, if you want to learn more about this inspiring woman!


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