The 7 Most Inclusive Fashion Labels
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The 7 Most Inclusive Fashion Labels

Fashion shows and campaigns, until just recently, used to to have the same kind of model every season: A white, thin, blonde or brunette female. You rarely saw a black model, unless it was the big name models like Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, or Jourdan Dunn who are all very thin and who are still cookie cutter representations of what a ‘model’ is but still get booked less than other white models. Forget about seeing a ‘bigger’ model, or any other kind of woman that didn’t represent the fashion mold.

People, models, fashion insiders, and now designers understand that booking models for shoots and shows has become about inclusivity. People are bored and tired of seeing only one kind of woman being represented because that's not what the average woman looks like.  

We’ve rounded up the 7 most inclusive fashion labels of today. We hope other brands will learn from them and follow their lead.

Prabal Gurung (2014)

Prabal Gurung is a body positive, feminist, and inclusive brand that isn’t fazed with having Candice Huffine walk alongside Bella Hadid. He loves women of all colour, shape, age, and proves it on his runway shows.

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