These Spring 2018 Fashion Campaigns Are Full of Diversity
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These Spring 2018 Fashion Campaigns Are Full of Diversity

Springtime is always synonymous with rejuvenation and renewal. After a hard and cold winter, Spring adds pep in our step and gives us hope for the long and warm days ahead. 

A great way of knowing that Spring is close is when the fashion designers start publishing their Spring campaigns online and in magazines. This season, fashion designers seem to have felt this pep when creating their 2018 Spring/Summer campaigns. The sheer amount of diversity in these 4 campaigns gives us hope that the fashion world is not all about looking the same and not turning away from important social issues like diversity.


This Diesel advertisement is so great because the attention is aimed towards the young boy and not on the clothes. It doesn’t even really matter what he’s wearing, it’s the powerful message that peeks the interest of the reader. The brand created a short film to promote the 2018 spring/summer campaign called “Keep the World Flawed” (you can watch the video below). The film depicts a young man and woman, both with “flaws” who fall in love and realise that flaws make them unique when their son inherits both their flaws. Attempting to hide flaws only makes them stronger so embrace them!


The Moschino ads feature renowned black models Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, Adut Akech Bior, Yasmin Wijnaldum and Aube Jolicoeur. It shouldn’t be surprising but having 4 black models (and only black models) grace Moschino advertisement campaigns is a huge step is making the fashion world more democratic and free of colour injustices.


This Dior campaign proves that you can still be part of the fashion world even if you don’t “look like a model”. Yes, these two men are part of a music group called Pet Shop Boys and are pretty famous but they are middle-aged and don’t fit in the mold of the perfect male model. Kudos to Dior for bringing a bit of diversity in their Spring/Summer campaign.


This Helmut Lang campaign might seem like a typical fashion campaign but photographing a model with no makeup and that has an atypical beauty is something we don’t see every day. This rawness and realness shows that the fashion world is open to using less Photoshop and to uncover the real beauty in people. 

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