12 Powerful Quotes on Diversity in Fashion
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12 Powerful Quotes on Diversity in Fashion

Fashion is starting to embrace some diversity in fashion shows, ad campaigns, editorials, magazine covers, etc. Finally, every kind of woman can be represented and accepted through media. There are so many models and fashion people who have criticized the lack of diversity: From Naomi Campbell to Ashley Graham, we are sharing with you 12 quotes on fashion diversity. These 12 men and women express who difficult it can be to be seen and heard when you don't look like a 'normal' fashion model, how important diversity is in the fashion world and why it's important to continue on this path for future generations. Let us know which one is your favourite! 

Naomi Campbell, black model

I didn’t work 28 years for it to be a trend. That’s one of the things that keeps me wanting to work. I can’t duck out yet; I feel I still have to represent.

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