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Hello guys, it's Angel here. You could say I've been named well, because I try to bring love and smiles wherever I go. I've been a lover of fashion and modelling since about the age of 11, and seeing such an opportunity come up is super cool to me! My fashion represents my mood and feeling, it's a way that I can express myself without having to actually speak, a communication through vision and understanding.

Meine Träume und Leidenschaften

My ultimate dream is to be a goal and motivation to other young women, as a woman of faith, I believe that we should all be reminded that we can all be beautiful. As beauty is not only the physical, but a radiation of the beauty and love you have within, beaming out. We can do WHATEVER we put our minds too! As long as we fight hard for it, we can make it. I also wish to give hope to people who are in difficult situations, difficult mental states or think they are just too normal to become a model. I hope to break that standard that you have to be a certain way and just allow people to believe in the beauty that they've all been blessed with.

Wie kann ich als nächster Fashion Hero einen Unterschied machen?

Fashion isn't just what you see plastered across magazines. As the next fashion hero, I wish to make everyone see that fashion is what you make of it, it's about believing in your beauty and being confident enough to express it to the world. I hope that my confidence and good words, will reach out to all fashion lovers and get them to express themselves however they like! I also hope with this opportunity, I will be able to create enough of a name for myself in order to physically help those who have the determination and strive to make their fashion dreams come true, find the basic starting platforms, workshops or even just tips, to make it that step further!

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