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Happy is a way to discribe me, I love to laugh, be around the people that a live and to take care off them. I'm spontaneous, sweet (at least that's what I hear a lot). I'm creative in a lot of ways (what I mostly love about myself). Ambitious, and sometimes to carrying hahaha 😊

Meine Träume und Leidenschaften

My dream is to make a difference in this world. We all have dreams and things that we would like to achieve. But the thing is, everyone is different and unique in their own ways. I want the world to learn to accept that and to love all the differents off people, cultures, and every thing alese that makes us human, and the same!

Wie kann ich als nächster Fashion Hero einen Unterschied machen?

By being myself, and show the world that it's okay to be just YOU!

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