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Ivan Righini.27 years old.Russian-Italian Gypsy.4x Italian national champion in figure skating.Founder of a new luxury brand IMAN and my life is so much fun and different stories. Concentrated to have result and always improving myself in something till I reach my goals. Love fashion,live style and want to try out myself in something new.Life is one so we should do everything we can to enjoy it )

Meine Träume und Leidenschaften

My dream is to be happy with my family because it’s always number one for me!!! My passion is my life! Skating for 21 years of my life and I am so happy that I become The person who I am,the athlete who I am and now It is time to be come a fashion hero! Always was creating something and Almost never sleep))),literally creating something interesting in my head and I want to share with that with people,with my experiences and also gain a new ones! We live only ones and we should use any opportunity. My dream is to make world see me and my family be proud of me.

Wie kann ich als nächster Fashion Hero einen Unterschied machen?

My name is Ivan Righini aka GypsyKing. I want to be the next fashion hero because I know how I want people to look, what to give to people that others respect them,to present themselves as the best ones, share with emotions, open themselves more as individuals and how to be individual. And Fashion is my profession and life.As figure skater,performer ,athlete - you always should know how to look amazing.

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