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My name is izzet can bağışlar. I was born in mersin, turkey and living in eskisehir, turkey right now. I am studying school of music and drama at anadolu university, senior year. At the same time i am a piano teacher at private institution. I am adopted a cat last month and experiencing be a father of this lovely cat right now.

Meine Träume und Leidenschaften

Explore and want to find the new ways for understanding life. There is a lot of prejudice about middle east people. Maybe there is a chance to finish prejudice for it. All humans can be live in peace together with art, fashion, music... Communication is the key of everything and fashion can be most powerful way to do it.

Wie kann ich als nächster Fashion Hero einen Unterschied machen?

I am believing that if we can be ourselves it is enough to make a difference as the next fashion hero.

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