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I am 33 years old Ukrainian Canadian, mother of two amazing children 13 and 9 years old, divorced, working as Security guard, positive and confident, smart and sarcastic foxy lady

Meine Träume und Leidenschaften

My passion is in everything. I try to live my life with a passion to everything. I love sports, I love be happy , I love to make other people happy. My dream is to be useful. I like to help people. I like to change someone’s life with my actions, with my support, with my advices or even just with my presence. My dream is to teach my children how to be happy with simple things in this life.

Wie kann ich als nächster Fashion Hero einen Unterschied machen?

I am far from fashion standards. My body covered with stretch marks, my breast look like spaniel ears 😂😂😂 after my two pregnancies. I am 33... But what I know for sure that I am beautiful. I know my beauty, I know that I can motivate other women like me and I can help them to see their beauty, to see how authentic they are, to help them to believe that all of them already models. I want each woman every second realize that she is the model for everyone around, she is an example of exceptional strength and power, reflection of Devine and nature Beaty, source of charm and sexuality. I want every woman to know that the icon inside of her, the icon she sees every day in the mirror and nothing will change it

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