A New Kind Beautiful presented by The Fashion Hero is the first Competition TV series, changing the unrealistic standards of the beauty and fashion industries and empowering real people to become role models.

The goal is for the contestants to get the most votes during our monthly contest. The contestant that has accumulated a minimum of 500 votes during the month and has the most votes on the last day of the month, wins a ‘DIRECT SPOT’ to the filming of our upcoming season.

The 2nd to 5th most voted contestants win a ‘MONTHLY SPOT’ and move to the final round of casting, where producers will view their profiles and make their final decision. 5 randomly selected contestants in the top 25, who have a minimum of 10 votes, will also go to the final casting round!

Get your friends and family to vote for you or vote for yourself! The monthly contest resets on the first of each month.

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500 ψήφοι = Εξοικονομείς 70%
800 ψήφοι = Εξοικονομείς 75%
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*500 votes is the minimum number of votes for a potential direct spot on the show

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