I am thrilled to hear about the new season and I would love to come back as a mentor for the new contestants.

After the first season, I had many opportunities to work in fashion and cinema. This enabled me to travel the world especially to South Africa with determination and more confidence.

In South Africa, I shot the cover of Men’s Health and got a modelling contract for 3 months in Cape Town.
I also signed with modelling agencies in France.

I am very happy to be the brand ambassador of a few brands in France.

In regards to my acting career, I played a role in the série“ The Marvelous Mrs Maisel “ and some other roles on the French national tv.

Being on the tv show certainly help my confidence and brought a lot of positive vibes to my career. The impact that we can have by inspiring other people should never be undermined.

I want to give back and share my experience.
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