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Life has been daring and bold, to throw many obstacles at a young woman like me. A young girl who ever since she looked at the world, she knew her qualities radiated kindness and empathy as number one. Soon enough, growing up in vast diversity, I learned to create an open mind, a welcoming attitude. My love for the arts became prevalent through this, and so did my love for learning anything new and challenging. However, I knew my life had to be one thing, above average, in my love for fashion, wisdom, intellect, style, science, human rights, etc, everything I put my heart into had to be the best.

Mes rêves et mes passions

A dream, is solely something to be pondered on, for an action done step by step is how one can achieve the thought of dreaming. I live by this to accumulate my insane dreams, becoming a world class public speaker and performing speeches to the UN, global ambassadors about human violations, women’s rights, child abuse, neuroscience, etc. I dare to become limitless and also be a CEO on the side of a company that innovates creative technology for third world countries to enhance neuroplasticity in young children. But, it does not stop there, acting and fashion are huge in my life and can never be taken away from me. I not only strive, but will achieve to become a fashion icon/model who inspires men and women all over that having your own personal taste while staying on top of trends is a great mix. Walking the runway with a head full of brains is a recipe for the best meal.

Comment puis-je faire une différence en tant que prochain Fashion Hero ?

It is in the motivation one carries within themselves, you can’t simply say you want change, rather I say, I need change to be done. And that change will happen through my actions. Creating a platform for myself as the next Fashion Hero will help me not only inspire people to stop letting others invade their personal expression, because at the end of the day we live with ours bodies not with the people who criticize us. I will be able to network to larger scale audiences and target other issues such as self confidence, the psychology behind it and what it truly means to gain self love. Issues such as mental abuse, why we hate our appearances and how fashion can help us to love our bodies. As a model I want to represent a role model, not only the clothing, but a human who has a message.

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