Afrique du Sud
20 ans
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I am a friendly person with good interpersonal skills .I relate well with people at all levels .I have good communication skills, fluent in English .I am a well groomed person, reliable, trustworthy and I take my job and the instructions very well .I work well with other people colleagues and supervisory team and I always aim to portray professionalism and commitment in every task given to me. I like to think out of the box when it comes to any problem solving aspect.I am a fun person who loves to make everyone around her happy all the time.

Mes rêves et mes passions

My dreams are to achieve my goals in life. I have a passion for art I am a very well groomed artist who is passionate about music, theatre, modelling, dancing and acting and fashion.

Comment puis-je faire une différence en tant que prochain Fashion Hero ?

As the next fashion hero am hoping and willing to do lot of motivational work for our youth globally. My main focus will have to be on them because I believe they need inspiration and motivation knowingly that most of them they grew up without both parents and had to teach themselves most of things about life and it heart breaking to see them throwing away their dreams . They need to be reminded of the things that really matters.

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