Viêt Nam
30 ans

I am Phi Tuyet but you can call me just Phi. In Vietnamese, "Phi" means "The Nothingness" and I love it: It is exactly who I am. I am nothing, I am The Emptiness, just like the air, so at the same time, I'm available to be anything. Sometimes I enjoy being a business-woman, a blogger, author, public-speaker, life-coach or even an yoga-instructor. Sometimes I enjoy being as an angel, shuytt, this is a secret Ok: my angel name is Lucifee (with 2 letter "e" or Luci-phi is still the same) I am not a good-only or a bad-only angel but I am a rebel angel who likes to take things easily, make jokes and make everyone laugh as much as I can. Almost the time I enjoy being as a Wizard (not Witch, please) and as a Wizard, I guide people how to write, how to use "words" as one of the most powerful magic in this world. I help people use "words" as a good tool to see better, feel better, to heal themself, to connect with their mind, their heart and also connect with the world. More than that I teach people how to be the manager, the creator of their life instead of being the victim or the complainer or a slave of your own mind. Oops, sorry I talk too much everytime when I am a Wizard. The rest of time (my favorite) when I am not anyone or doing anything above, I am simple myself, enjoy the emptiness inside me, be silent, be "The Nothingless", as my name "Phi" means. You can call me the meditator. I have published a few books (in Vietnamese only) and one of them is bestseller book in Viet Nam. In that book, I told people my stories about how I managed to live my life as a colourful, beautiful, creative as a movie. It's my Sweet-Philosophy. It says it's time for everyone thinks about live their own life as a movie. In that movie, you are not only the actor/actress but you are also the story-writer, the director, the logistician, the investor, of course the acter/actress and at the end, the spectator for our own movie at the end of the life as well. We don't live just to watch the others' movies nor waiting for others' attention/reviews. If our life is a movie then we can live it, enjoy it, create it as beautiful and meaningful as we can, the way we want and let's everyone else create/enjoy their own movie too. So sorry, I want to add one more thing: I am the creator of my own movie. In my movie, the actress is doing a crazy thing that she never thought about before: being a fashion-hero... Let's wish her a little luck, or a vote - it is acceptable and awesome too. <3


This TV series has got my attention at the very first time I saw it. I am not a big fan of TV nor any show. But it really got me. I love the idea of changing thing, anything that we don't feel satisfy yet. This TV series absolutely for people like me: the one who feels like not so belong to this old-world, the old-ideas of how the world should work, but at the same time we don't know how to start the new world or express the new ideas about everything. For me, this show is like a wish came true. A special wish that I even didn't realize I have wished it. This show is what I was waiting for. So because I have no idea how far I can go on this show, let's me take a little advantages here to express my thoughts about the new-beauty-ideas, in case you never seen me in the show and my voice get more quiet and be the silence. Ok. So, for me, the real beauty is not things you can see by your eyes, it should be things that you have to feel it by other senses as well. I don't against anything but I am totally for the natural beauty. I don't wear make up, don't use cosmertics, don't even use the chemistry products for years like shampoo, shower-cream, even lotion is something I don't understand much... I won't say I'm beautiful but I can say I'm totally fine, happy and confident with everything I have, with myself, who I am. And if I can choose some new characters for the new quality of beauty: Beauty should be not only about the outside-looking but also should be the inside-feelings too. And nowaday people said "inteligent is sexy", I'm greedy, I want "Honest, creative and humorous" is new sexy as well. Yes! Life is short, don't make it so serious. We need more laugh than ever to wash all the serious thoughts away. Why The Humor can not be a new Sexy? Why Creative can not be a new Beauty? Thank you, The Fashion Hero show to let me has a change to express this idea. And thanks to anyone who reading my long-river-never-end-profile. Thank you so much. Namaste!!!


I'm not sure I would be a great role model or not but I can sure about I will inspire people as a new voice of the new world we want to live, because of a very simple reason: why not? Exactly the same this situation: I'm not sure my English is all corect and perfect here in this profile but I do believe anyone who reading it gets the points, right? I want to make the magic-world become available again and inspire everyone to be anything they want. Because if a noone-girl from nowhere like me can be a new-sexy Wizard, so why not you?

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