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I am a down to earth , goofy , head strong , determined woman . Whom seeks to increase my exposure, experience witht the modeling and acting industries. I don’t want to just be a face but a idol and guide for others . I want to give the people something to look up to , a real , genuine model who has a great strory behind my eyes. I want to be successful by any means amd go after what i am truly passionate about. I come from a small town in texas but my heart is big and my head is even bigger . I will not stop until im top 1 and modeling isn’t a competition in my eyes it’s just a opportunity to be great .

Mes rêves et mes passions

I want to be a successful actress and model amd give my African American community something to look up to . I also want to continue my business as a makeup artist and turn that into a huge business all over the world . I plan to create my own modeling agency but not for faces for real people unlike other agencies.

Comment puis-je faire une différence en tant que prochain Fashion Hero ?

By being real , passionate, genuine. My personality brings light into everyones darkness . My personality brings joy to the crowd even on a bad day. My ambition will strive the whole group by my positive energy . Being me is what will make a difference. Being who i am and the best i can be . I love the camera and i will definitely put on a amazing show.

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