Afrique du Sud
18 ans
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I am ambitious and driven. I am results-orientated. I am a hard worker. I work to improve and better myself everyday. I am a people’s person. I do like to keep a positive attitude because I do believe that your energy rubs off on people. I am always up for a little competition and learning new things. I am confident in my own judgement and decisions.

Mes rêves et mes passions

I am passionate about health and fitness. I am passionate about self growth and being true to myself. I am passionate about empowering people and helping them find their passion. My dream in life is to be successful and leave a good mark on the world and to be recognized for being a good influence to many people.

Comment puis-je faire une différence en tant que prochain Fashion Hero ?

I would start by giving back and lead by example and show people that anything is possible as long as you work hard and you don’t stop until you’re happy. I will set goals for each week and try my best to achieve them. Like Mother Teresa said - “If you can’t feed a hundred people just feed one” I might not be able to change the world but it’s the definitely the small things that count. I won’t let any barriers define me.

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