Afrique du Sud
18 ans
Rang ce mois-ci
Rang en Afrique du Sud

I am a 16 (soon to be 17) year old girl with BIG dreams! I love dancing, modelling and standing up for what is right! I am a very passionate and driven person with a lot of hope for the future and faith in the world’s younger generations. Most people would describe me as optimistic and outgoing. I have good morals and continually strive to act with integrity. My mom has shown me that no matter the circumstances, one should always look on the bright side and take every opportunity as an opportunity to grow. In 11th Grade I became the unfortunate victim of bullying, which prompted me to switch over to online schooling for my senior year (this year). This switch removed me from all the bullying which in turn helped drive my focus on pursuing my dream of travelling to LA to dance, while still being able to complete my senior year. I like to see myself as an advocate for humanity and the world in which we live in. I enjoy the coming together of minds and standing in unity as I feel it can be one of the most powerful ways of making oneself heard in order to solve problems or to open people’s minds and hearts to different views. I have unfortunately been exposed to society's harsh and unrealistic expectations and have been belittled because of them: "you'll never make it", "you aren't like the other girls", "maybe if you lose some weight...", "you'll get more likes if you edit your photos like this" and like most others who have experienced bullying, cyber or otherwise, I let it get to me, which resulted in low self-esteem, eating disorders and long periods of feeling down, and the sense of not being good enough. However, I am grateful, because all of my hardships and battles have made me even more passionate about wanting to make a difference. That's why I think this show is AMAZING and I cant wait to see how the world (especially millennials) will react. Beauty shines outward from within and fashion is playful, eccentric and unique - by combining the two we can change society’s standards and overall improve the way people view themselves.


I have BIG dreams that are constantly being worked on and keep evolving as I work towards becoming the best version of myself. I want to be a professional dancer and model in Los Angeles and an influencer to the youth, someone with a voice that can be heard and with experiences that others can relate to. I have had this dream for as long as I can remember. My sense of determination definitely comes from my mom, who against all financial odds moved heaven and earth to help me reach my dream…AND HERE I AM!!! I am actually in LA as I’m typing this. I am here until August in order to plan my trip for next year, which is when I intend on moving here to 'shoot for the stars' as some might say. A lot of hard work and many hours have gone into making this possible. The main reason I want to move to LA is for my passion in dancing, but I have always wanted to do modelling as well. I questioned my passion for modelling due to the high and somewhat unrealistic standards in the industry, BUT when I found out about this show I was ecstatic and the desire was reignited! Even more so when I found out that it was being filmed in my home country! Being able to represent South Africa would be such an honour and to be part of this movement is an amazing opportunity that would mean the world to me.


As the next fashion hero, I would make the effort to inspire the younger generations, our future, to show them that your value is not determined by your physical appearance and it is possible to live a happy life without having to change or doubt yourself for society. I would act as ‘safe’ place, where millennials could look for guidance and advice that would improve their views on themselves and life in general. I would want to be a role model for others, showing real and raw beauty – without specifications on what is seen as acceptable. I would want other people to have a different view on what it means to be a model and give hope to those who feel hopeless. If I was the next fashion hero, I would give a lot of time and devotion to the movement because something this important is worth fighting for.

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