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A psychologist, a plus size model, a trainer, sociologist, single woman, social worker, painter, dancer, actor, dreamer, body positivist, a happy person, loves to travel, learner for life, spiritualist, humanitarian, youngest of five inspiring sisters and very strong mother.

Mes rêves et mes passions

Passionate to inspire and uplifting people, be it emotionally, physically, socially, healthwise, body positive activitist. Dream to work with designers who help me message of being yourself and body positive message. (Height weight color disease marital status sexual preference nothing matters to be a star or a model)

Comment puis-je faire une différence en tant que prochain Fashion Hero ?

I am a complete package and surely can be winner. I would like to contribute through the designers that will chose me to spread the message of be it dark, short, fat, unmarried, diseased, blind, physically challenged nothing should stop you to be what you are. The more you accept yourself, the more confident you be come to share your story and trust me every story is worth inspiring. I want to inspire ppl that no matter what you face in life, nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams. Nobody can pull you down if you chose to be yourself and avoid what people have to say. Happiness health confidence and balance are keys to a great life. Always stay healthy and stay happy.

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