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Moving to Las Vegas from the quite conservative Ohio, was an epiphany of sorts, especially as a newly single woman over thirty. For the first time in thirteen-years, I was navigating my life story alone, and trying to unmesh my role and the definition I once had for myself. As I unraveled this conundrum, I also tinkered in the world of dating, which serendipitously presented a catalyst for self-exploration. Therein, I genuinely contemplated the idea of “what is beauty.” In this fast paced city, where the women garnished surgical enhancements and the décor of meticulous beauty regimes, often as a gilded asset for their careers in entertainment; “How could I measure up!?” It was then I uncovered what Beauty meant to me. There were plenty of girls who had better bodies, prettier faces, nicer hair and all the physical assets that humans assert as beautiful. But I realized beauty is incarnate as a manifestation of self-respect, intelligence, compassion, and the ability to appreciate and adorn the physical attributes one see's in the mirror. Hence, I had anointed my own theory of beauty. The beauty of self-respect walks into the room before I do. It is poise and presence. The beauty of intelligence, an appreciation by those I converse, an acknowledgement that the ramblings of an educated cerebrum is sexy. The beauty of compassion, a greeting embrace, a presence of warmth, and the debut of a lucent smile. The beauty of unique physical existence, as adornments of bright feminine fashions gracing my curvy hips and dresses that accentuate the contrast of a long-legged average height female, who is well beyond her twenties. This is me. I do not possess every physical characteristic of beauty, but I am nonetheless a beautiful woman. And today, I am ready to grace the stage to define a new perception of what beauty is, for our nation and world.

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By day I am a Dermatology NP, helping to heal those with conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, or finding & removing skin cancers. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring my creative side in my hobbies, such as writing Children's Books, Health & Beauty articles, blogs & education @, articles for My Vegas and Vegas Seven Magazine, and Health/Entertainment Media Hosting. I am a Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteer, along with multiple other community charitable causes. And I am also a pageant queen and 2015 Ms. Las Vegas Classic. In life, I thrive on the adventure of experiences. Lose or Fail, every situation presents a moment to grow personally and redefine your mantra.

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Writing:, and I also enjoy movies, Latin dancing, traveling, social & charitable events, pageants, and spending time with my little ones. *Promoter: Kimberly Knight

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