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Follow me on IG@sionemaka801 only if you about dat good vibe. Malo e lelei from the Kingdom of Tonga. My name is Sione Maka A.K.A John Rock your Polynesian prince; I am 26 years young, born and raised here in the U.S., but with roots deeply embedded in Tonga; which is a tiny island located in the south pacific. I am just a simple Tongan American guy; grateful to be here by the grace of god, family man 1st…. enjoys fitness, loves to laugh, and loves to give, loves to inspire, but also loves to love. In summary, I’m just trying to live my best life.

החלומות והתשוקות שלי

My dream is to serve as a role model in empowering individuals from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds to pursue their dreams, especially in an industry like modeling and fashion where minorities are underrepresented. Furthermore, I hope to inspire those around the world to embrace their flaws. It’s our flaws and uniqueness that makes this worlds interesting so start by loving yourself and be you.

איך אני יכול לעשות שינוי כגיבור האופנה הבא?

I’ve learned that embracing and showcasing our imperfections are what makes us Unique and interesting.; As an aspiring male model who as lost his vision in his right eye; I have come to be at peace with what I have been blessed with; it has changed my view and perception and outlook on life…. Literally. However, it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dreams and goals in life of being a male model, being an influencer, so I say to you all, ignore the dream killers and push forward in living and creating the life you want to live. I believe that being a part of Fashion Hero season 2; together we can shift people’s perception on who and what a perfect model is? It’s not the; perfect face, perfect body, or even perfect skin or hair, but rather it’s the thing that makes us unique; its your attitude, it’s the skin condition (vitiligo) you were born with, or even the genetic condition (albinism) the you were blessed with at birth; but really, it anything that makes you stand out in this world. THE FASHION HERO show is on its way to revolutionizing an industry and empowering unconventional models to live their dreams, and I would love the opportunity to be a part of that journey. So lets GOOOOO!!!

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