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I have no modeling experience but would love to try out modeling. I think it would be a fun and exciting adventure.

החלומות והתשוקות שלי

One big dream of mine is to start up my own photography business. I would love to have a chain of photography stores but also go out and be a travel photographer. I also really love music and think it would be amazing if I could write and produce my own music, and hopefully inspire and help others.

איך אני יכול לעשות שינוי כגיבור האופנה הבא?

I think almost everyone has had a dream at some point in their life to model. Whether it be for makeup, clothing, shoes, fitness etc. I personally know I would never fit the criteria for what models do today. I am a very short person and because of that I would never hit height or weight standards. I want to be an inspiration for all the women and men out there who think they can’t model or aren’t seen as “the right fit”. One person at a time we can change the modeling industry and the idea of perfection. I hope I can be that change.

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