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IM THE DEFINITION OF CRAZY SEXY AND COOL!!!! I love to learn and see new things. I’m a fashionista that has her own swag !!!!!!!! I like doing things my way, but yet and still I’m very down to earth, I’m definitely a peoples person. To know me is to love ME!!!!

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My dream is to have my own show! Showing off the latest and hottest styles!!! EVERYDAY WILL BE A SLAYDAY I GURANTEE!!!

איך אני יכול לעשות שינוי כגיבור האופנה הבא?

I can make a difference by simply being ME!!! I’m not the average chic!!! I’m telling ya to know me is to LOVE ME!! I was a girl who built her self up on self confidence, thru the obstacles of growing up dark skinned girl in a society that totally made it a bad thing to be Darkskinned!!! I work on myself EVERYDAY!!! It was hard when you’re so young, when you really seem alone and the only person calling you beautiful I bring good energy!! I love to meet people laugh and love!!! I feel I have to be the good energy. I enjoy all types of clothing rather vintage or current day ILL ROCK IT!!!! No matter what price range I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN

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