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मैं कौन हूँ?

I describe myself as a confident young lady. I am humble to any situation that I come across. I am a down to earth person, with a smile on my face the majority of the time. I consider myself as a creative person and being open minded . I am fond of having conversations with people, I like getting to know new people and making new friends. I am active in sports, I’ve played basketball & volleyball. I enjoy going on adventures, I am up to do anything! I love animals, especially dogs, if I was able to adopt all the dogs in shelters I would without any hesitation. I love to spend time with the people I love. Family is most important to me.

द फ़ैशन हीरो टीवी सीरीज़ के बारे में मेरा क्या विचार है?

My dream in life is to provide for the people I love. To be successful in life in all ways has also always been a dream of mine, being able to set an example for people, to be their role model & to inspire them to be an all around better person, to soon be an icon to others. I want to influence as many people as I can. My passion is helping people in any way possible.

मैं इस पीढ़ी के लिए एक महान रोल मॉडल कैसे बन सकता/सकती हूँ और द फ़ैशन हीरो का नया चेहरा बन कर लोगों को कैसे प्रेरित कर सकता/सकती हूँ?

As the next Fashion Hero I can make a difference by being a voice for my generation. I will be able to motivate and encourage many people all around the world to know that anything is possible as long as you believe you can do it. I personally will have more confidence in who I am and what I can do, which will result in being a shiny example for others.

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