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Stopmotion animator/microfilm content creator
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My name is Gwyn Alexander Loresto Brigman 33 I am a stopmotion animator/influencer and content creator for adolescent content based out of L.A . I have sensory disorders (more like super powers) I was born in kanagawa Ken Yokosuka Japan. My sense of style is a mix of 90s hobo, street kid and androgynous business attire. My friends kids call me One eyed jack, a lot of people think I’m a jack of all trades, but sometimes I’m just a jack ass. I swear a bit much, drum on everything, shuffle cards (sensory), graffiti obsessed and a BIG RAMBLER... see?- I went off into a ramble just now;

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Naturally due to my lack of an eye- I am interested in All things visual. I love photography, filmography, painting, crafting, finding characters in the clouds. I enjoy spending hours conversing and creating theories about the origins of... everything. I have a passion for breaking down the conditions that we grew up with and figuring out for myself the love that can be found in “Unconditional”. I love changing peoples minds with positivity and offering them a new set of eyes to see the world with. I play guitar, write and sing. I love tattoos


I can share my experiences, my trials and tribulations. Which so many people in this world personally relate to... and I can show them how I got through it all. How to find beauty in our differences and positivity in an often times negative environment. I want to challenge social standards, throw out the human cookie cutter mold and reshape society’s idea of beauty.

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