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My name is Keith Williams. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada and I am thriving and working hard to become a model. I run across Country and Track at Hope International University and I study theatre

द फ़ैशन हीरो टीवी सीरीज़ के बारे में मेरा क्या विचार है?

It is a very interesting and heartwarming series that I enjoy very much with all the great people working hard on that show

मैं इस पीढ़ी के लिए एक महान रोल मॉडल कैसे बन सकता/सकती हूँ और द फ़ैशन हीरो का नया चेहरा बन कर लोगों को कैसे प्रेरित कर सकता/सकती हूँ?

I believe this generation needs a leader in myself to let them know this world is more than just social media and I think that everyone needs to open there eyes up more and not be so close minded on social media.

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