Personal Support Worker
29 वर्ष
मैं कौन हूँ?

My name is Rebecca as you already know, I have purple hair for now and hazel green eyes. I am slim and very active. I am 29 years old and I live in a small town in Canada. Canadian Girl All The Way!! I am a mother of three and always busy. I work as a personal support worker in the hospital in my town. Absolutely love my job and helping people when they need it the most. I am a little short but I have a tall and bright personality.

द फ़ैशन हीरो टीवी सीरीज़ के बारे में मेरा क्या विचार है?

Love every bit of it, I learn so much about fashion and how you should feel. I think the show is amazing because it has helped me grow my confidence more and more. I think I would be a great fit for the show because I know they can help me with my insecurities and my confidence in myself. Help me become a new woman and become the new face of The Fashion Hero.

मैं इस पीढ़ी के लिए एक महान रोल मॉडल कैसे बन सकता/सकती हूँ और द फ़ैशन हीरो का नया चेहरा बन कर लोगों को कैसे प्रेरित कर सकता/सकती हूँ?

I think I would be a great role model for the new face of the fashion hero because I am small but have a great personality, always smiling, very opened to new things, I try my best with have confidence in my beauty but sometimes I lost that confidence and become shy and timid. I think The Fashion Hero will help me with that and that will help me become the new face of the fashion hero. I am ready and willing to do anything to become the new face of The Fashion Hero!

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