संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
21 वर्ष
मैं कौन हूँ?

21 year old aspiring model and actress currently working as a supervisor at UPS

द फ़ैशन हीरो टीवी सीरीज़ के बारे में मेरा क्या विचार है?

I think Fashion Hero is an amazing concept and show and I would be honored to be involved with it

मैं इस पीढ़ी के लिए एक महान रोल मॉडल कैसे बन सकता/सकती हूँ और द फ़ैशन हीरो का नया चेहरा बन कर लोगों को कैसे प्रेरित कर सकता/सकती हूँ?

I’d love to be the new face of fashion hero because I feel I can truly inspire girls and women around the world. I’ve faced a lot of hardships early in my life and used every one of those experiences to become stronger. Also being a female supervisor in a male dominated field and environment is a challenge in itself and I manage to stay resilient everyday. Also at 5’1, i want to show the petite girls of the world they’re beautiful and can be models too

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