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Hey guys, I’m Saamyia (Suh- My- Ya). I’m an overall free spirit. I love all good things in life and I try my absolute best to find those good things in the worst of situations . I also try my absolute best to help others do the same in any way that I possibly can. I enjoy meditating, learning new things, meeting new people, being a nanny, being inspired and inspiring others. Most who meet me would say that my favorite thing to do is talk lol. And I couldn’t agree more. Some of my other favorite things to do are help others (feed, clothe, talk to, etc. those who are less fortunate), Model, photography, volunteering (mostly with cleaning the community, caregiving, etc.), dancing, yoga, traveling, and the list literally goes on forever. I have an unknown illness , that has put me through some of the hardest battles in my life. It took away my ability to do many of my everyday things like working out (I was a physical fitness instructor), going out with friends and family, going to classes (I was enrolled in Michigan State University with only a year left to go), working regular jobs and eventually my personal business of Nannying, control over my bowel movements (I had to wear depends -also known as adult diapers), my happiness , and everything that made me who I was. For the first two years,I let the sickness and doctors get the best of me. I now lived everyday in pain and I wanted the pain to go away so bad that I began to wish for death and for my fight to be over . Life was going so great for me and I just couldn’t understand why the universe chose to give me such a struggle after I spent a great deal of my life going through struggles. Well, entering the third year with the sickness I had a wake up call and realized that if I just dug deep I’d find myself again. Instead, I actually didn't have to dig that deep at all, and along the way I found someone so much more beautiful and loving. I found the ME that I didn’t even know I had been searching for- for my entire life. The sickness helped me find a new type of unconditional love for myself, and helped me find new ways to push through hard times. In my third year (which is now), I created the hashtag #IANMS - I Am Not My Sickness. IANMS is a movement created to help people battling illnesses know that they are bigger than their illnesses. It’s a movement made to remind them to not let their ailments make them lose who they are , and to instead make them improve who they are.

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My ultimate dream and passion go hand and hand and that is to be able to fulfill my purpose in life on a large scale. My purpose in life is simply to help as many people as I possibly can and to make those that I can’t help, experience as much happiness as possible. I have a plan to help me Accomplish my dream and I can’t wait to share it with as many people as possible so that they too can help make the plan be it’s best.


Not only am I a model who believes she can make it far in the industry with an illness, I’m also a model who believes in the power in pure natural beauty. 90% of my photos have been taken without any makeup at all (with the exception of some lipstick or lipgloss sometimes), and with my natural hair. I do this for two reasons; One being that I want to help aid in the movements that help women and men everywhere understand that their natural beauty will always be just as amazing as fixed beauty as long as we simply embrace it. The other reason being that I would like to show people of color that our natural features CAN be the “norm” within the fashion/beauty industries, and that it’s ok to promote our otherwise frowned upon natural beauty. Overall I’m a model who's fighting to make sure that Natural Beauty for everyone will have the more consistent place in the beauty/fashion industry that it deserves. Becoming The Next Fashion Hero would allow me to continue what I do as a model on a much bigger scale , and really allow me to reach natural beauties everywhere. I’m also a model who plans to put all of my modeling proceeds towards the first of many of it’s kind of Homeless & Wellness shelters. To get there, I plan to use the power of beauty and fashion , to help in raising awareness to people everywhere on how we can work together to save our world from poverty. Having such a platform as that of becoming The Next Fashion Hero, would be a great start for me to begin to introduce some fresh ideas to communities around the world on how we can continue to work together to put up a bigger fight against what it means to be poor. Becoming the next face of The Fashion Hero would literally help me continue to live out my purpose in life but on the larger scale that I’ve been seeking. These are just a few of the most important ways that I believe I can make a difference as The Next Fashion Hero.

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