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I am passionate about life and being happy. I believe in following your dreams and being positive and peaceful. Something interesting about me that you would never know from looking at me is that I can drive a 18 wheel tractor trailer and I've also done body building in the past couple years. But my love and passion has always been modeling and traveling since I was a little girl. I believe in following your dreams and doing whatever you desire in life with out fear! Besides you only get one right?!

द फ़ैशन हीरो टीवी सीरीज़ के बारे में मेरा क्या विचार है?

I love the show and the awesome opportunity you all provide for people! I think the challenges are very creative and the show is so inspiring!

मैं इस पीढ़ी के लिए एक महान रोल मॉडल कैसे बन सकता/सकती हूँ और द फ़ैशन हीरो का नया चेहरा बन कर लोगों को कैसे प्रेरित कर सकता/सकती हूँ?

I would make a great role model because I believe that we can all push past the point of fear of doing things we desire in life without knowing where it could actually take us. I made a promise a few years ago to myself that if there is something I want to accomplish in life I dont care how fearful I am I MUST do it because on the otherside is a awesome reward! That's what I believe for us all.

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