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Hi ✨ I’m Cecile and I love to read and watch documentaries about literally anything and everything ✨ Music lights my soul on fire and I’m totally obsessed with my cat 🐈 I love to play dress up all the time and I mess around with a lot of wigs ✨ I wanted to model when I was younger but I was always the chubby short girl back in the day and now I feel confident enough to at least try to do something exciting , fun and inspirational for myself ✨ With all honesty my weight has fluctuated so much during the years I’m 5ft tall and my weight ranges from 100 - 130 and I’ve struggled with anxiety , depression and other mental health and I wanna use this opportunity to conquer my fear and show everyone that you can do it ! This is a huge leap and I’m happy and a bit nervous to be doing this but letssss go !!!!

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I am so inspired that everyday people of all shapes and sizes can have a chance to do something that they’ve never been able to do before . It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate all faces and bodies just the way they are ✨

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

I feel like I would be a great role model for this generation because I’m a short half Vietnamese / half Irish Mixed girl. I don’t see many mixed models , let alone short models out there. I want people to see that you can achieve the things you strive for if you take advantage of the opportunities right in front of you and conquer them to your best ability . If you fail get up and try again . The future is mixed ❤️✨ it would be wonderful to have more Vietnamese representation in the fashion industry ✨ I’m so proud to be mixed and I wouldn’t change a thing. Being primarily raised by my Asian side of the family gave me a beautiful outlook on the world and I hope to inspire not only the mixed kids out there but hopefully everyone that I can of all body sizes and heights . I want people to know that I care and to not let social media fool you and let you spiral mentally . Lots of men and woman out there have body dysmorphia due too the amount of social media they are consuming. Just let it go and set yourself free ❤️✨

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