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My name is Dusty Kennedy. I'm 33. I live in Topeka, Kansas. I served 4 years in the army as a combat engineer from 2006 to 2010 and I am an aspiring actor. I am a regular guy with zero fashion. I can't remember ever being asked what I wanted to wear as a kid I was always just rushed through it so now in my 30s I'm trying to discover myself so that I can move forward with my life in a more honest way.

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I think that The Fashion Hero is a great way for people like myself who didn't feel like they could be actors or models or even that they were attractive to feel like they are beautiful.

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

Honestly I would be a great addition to the show because my complete lack of knowledge and the show teaching me about fashion would be a chance to teach people who want to know about fashion but don't know where to even start to learn about fashion in general. Those type of individuals should gravitate to my story also I would be the ultimate underdog story.

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