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I am a qualified Senior and FET, Life Sciences and School Guidance and Support Specialist. Lay Counsellor. Female Brand Ambassador for Halifornia Apparel in South Africa. Co- Researcher.

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Passionate about empowering black women and the minority commuties such as LGBTQI🏳️‍🌈 . African philosophy. I dream of building an image that educate youth about adapting to adolescence, diversity, new knowledge, sexual orientation in relation to sexual preference, identity and ones philosophy of life.

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My fashion sense speaks to all. The way I dress governs my emotions and thoughts. The things that can’t be said out loud are interepreted in my fashion. The colors that I wear tells ones about my insecurities, my strength and weaknesses. I am so happy in my clothes when all the dark colors are more brighter than the bright colors whilst the bright colors show how anxious and nerve breaking my day will turn out. Dejavu! I know right! I am to make people understand that clothes must not used to cover wounds, scars, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, etc but they are there to embrace what is covered underneath. The self. Ones you know who you are and you are comfortable with your own skin it much easier to approach life with pride, confidence and determination. The things that makes you sad or happy can be dressed for. When oneself has that kind of mantality, they are in charge of their lives and their wardrobes. Let’s look good for life. Be in charge of that wardrobe.

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