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26 éves
Ki vagyok én?

An energetic 26 year old athlete, personal trainer and aspiring model. I love the out doors, cooking, and boxing. I have always wanted to be a model and will use any opportunity I can to get in front of a camera.

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I think it’s important to keep pushing the boundaries in the industry and I love how the show does this. Real bodies and real people need to be visible and they do a great job of promoting that.

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

Representation is important especially in the fashion industry. Young men and women need to be able to see people who look like them. When you see people who look like you- it inspires and gives hope that you can peruse your dreams. Ive been an athlete my whole life and it has taught me to be humble, hard working and act with integrity. I believe all of these qualities would make me a great role model for this generation. If I were to win this competition I would ensure that there are more opportunities for people of color, and continue to push the boundaries for inclusion of all types in this industry. Our youth are the future and I believe it’s our duty to leave behind a legacy for them.

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