Dél-afrikai Köztársaság
19 éves
Ki vagyok én?

Hi I'm luyanda manyama and I'm 19 years I'm a talkative and loud person I'm very outspoken I love singing and dancing it's one of my favorite things I like doing as a hobby. One word u would use to discribe me is fun.

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I think fashion hero TV series is an opportunity to young and talented young star's out there and it's here to make every dream come true.

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

I would be great role model to all generation because I'm a believer, I believe that anyone of us can make it no matter where we come from or who we are every young voice needs to be heard.

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