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I’m 42 My name is melissa From Alberta Canada. I’m a wife And a mom of 4 sons ages 23,22,13,11 My third oldest son Phoenix is special needs and has a hard to treat epilepsy called Lennox gasaut syndrome. My second oldest son, Zac is in a Netflix series called my life with the Walter boys. In episode 3 and episode eight at the track meet sitting on the bleacher, and Alex asked if he can sit beside him. Was filmed in Alberta Canada.

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I think it would be an exciting adventure, and an awesome opportunity to explore

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My kindness and empathy I have for others. love and caring attitude . love to make people laugh and also to show that it don’t matter what you look like or what size you are . That anything is possible and never give up on your dreams, even though it may be hard to put in the effort of getting there.

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