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I’m a 39yrs old from NJ who loves to make her teenage dreams come true over and over again with concerts & conventions with my 90s Favorites! I love cheer & dance and will incorporate it into anything I can, even BSB pictures! I have struggled most of my life with anxiety & depression related to trauma & undiagnosed ADHD, but I have been consistently determined that it would not hold me back in life.

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I love the idea of showing that beauty is not about the medias standard that is thrown in our faces every day. Anyone can spend enough money to appear attractive, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a beautiful person.

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I truly believe that we can take all of the things we have experienced in life, both positive & negative, and use them to do something good for others. I have been through a lot in my life & Ive worked VERY hard to heal, especially after the loss of my mom. I live-stream regularly & share about my experiences & like to create a safe space for others to share as well. I am not afraid to be vulnerable, especially if it means I can positively affect someone else. I believe that the things I have experienced have only made me stronger & taught me how to CHOOSE happiness and joy. I’ve learned to love who I am and what makes me unique & I feel that each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. I shared a link to a YouTube episode I was on where I shared about my family & some of the challenges we faced together. The interview starts at about the 32 min mark.

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