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I'm a photographer and muaythai practitioner with a prosthetic leg in Seattle, Washington. I grew up trying every medium of art I could get my hands on, and my favorites were theatre and drawing until I found photography. I've been taking portraits since 2015 and started doing self-portraits when our state shut down during March of 2020. I've since collaborated with other photographers and continued physical therapy and training on my own. I'm now back in the gym and hoping to fight as soon as an event can be scheduled here in Washington state!

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

The Fashion Hero is something we've needed for a long time! I love that unique folks get an opportunity to not only be seen, but to see others who've become pros in the fashion industry for their unconventional appearances.

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I'm one the first amputee muaythai practitioners. I've worked hard to be proud of my identity and push through obstacles, specifically in theatre and martial arts, where I was made to feel like I didn't belong, whether that was because of my height, my race, or my disability. Everything I do, I do for my younger self, and kids like me who should see how much of these worlds should be accessible to them, when traditionally, they have not been. Disability does not equal inability - we just have to find unique ways to get to our goals.

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