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I'm Sapna Asrani, 38 years old and I am currently working in private firm and hope to be successful model some day which I strive for my passions in modelling world.

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Body image and self acceptance is something that like many I struggled with as a teen. I would like reach out and help other young people who are trying to cope with body image and self acceptance. Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have given me some great advice which has encouraged me to better myself, both inside and out. ​ Throughout my time, I have developed a real passion for modelling and acting and have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of opportunities that have come my way so far. I would love to continue developing my modelling and acting skills as well as build a profile in the lifestyle and trends. I can not wait to expand my perspectives, work with new people and see where this industry can lead me!

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I was fortunate to be raised in Sindhi culture in which I speak only English as I am hearing impaired from birth. Travelling is one greatest hobby and loves all desi food cultures, well socialized with my friends and even make new friends due to my "friendly" nature. I am a very good dancer and even won many prizes at school and took third place in Reality dance show that telecast in Suvarna program - a kannada series (episode 1-13). ​ I participated in Grand Finale and the Award for Mrs. Inspirational 2018 @ Kalasambhaprabha 2018, Bangalore 14th Dec 2018 and Mrs. Powerful Karnataka 2019 conducted at Lalit Ashok. ​ I would always love to be in field of modelling, acting and dancing which will pave the way in my professional growth.

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