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Hi there, my name is Sofia and i'm a 46 year old Swedish/Greek hairstylist and a make up artist. I love fashion and beauty and i have studied at London College of Fashion. I'm an outgoing,urbane ,and creative person,that is also an entrepreneur . I've been through many life challenges and some of them tougher than others. Despite that i've been pushing forward with great optimism and hope for a brighter future. I have traveled a lot through the years and lived in different countries like England (London), U.S ,Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Spain(Marbella) and Greece Athens&Crete. After that i've felt like i have an easy way to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles . I'm also a survivor from the disease called Lemierre's syndrome that nearly took my life some years ago., where I was hospitalized and put on life support . (Similar to covid). My journey these years has been with both ups and downs . I am a curious woman with a big heart that's been learning from life by trying and putting myself out there, taking many risks and always helped others before i helped myself . Setbacks didn't hold me back it just made me stronger with time and more aware of life itself . This would be an opportunity and a way for me to challenge myself one more time and share my creativity and experiences with the world.

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I love The Fashion Hero TV series and i think that it is a great show that brings fashion and beauty to a hole new level. With diversity in beauty , and with role models from all around the world it makes a new entry to the world of fashion and changes the way how to look at beauty with a more real and profound picture. It's a great initiative that i believe will help bring more acceptance of diversity into the fashion industry and hopefully get rid of the illusion of beauty perfection.

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

Because i have the expertise and at the same time i have my boundaries and integrity. I think today's media and influencers are focusing to much on perfection of the beauty standards and many times with a sexual objectification. I believe in the power of all people's beauty no matter what race,age,size or religion they have. I also believe that you can make anyone look fantastic with different styles" like" with new outfits , hair colors/shapes and make up. We can transform and shine in the colors that are most suitable for us. It's important to have the trust in ourselves no matter what! and that is exactly my mantra now. I had insecurities myself when I was listening to other peoples negative opinions about my dreams, the way i live and what i should or shouldn't do. But i learned that i rather stand alone and be honest and authentic to myself than to accept or listen to any of that.. I want to prove that I sure can stand in front of a camera and be the best that I can be, even If some might think that my time has passed and expired to become anything that has to do with modeling etc. We have to shine and show to others and ourselves that we can and that we are worthy. I want to be a role model so someone like me with real life experience and that has gone through a lot... Can inspire and encourage others to feel hope and help motivate them if they feel stuck ,to get their confidence back . There are enough of nay sayers out there and therefore we have to lift and support each other to move forward instead of judging one another. I think and believe that no matter where we've been or are at ,we can still turn our life around!! And the way out only starts from within us and with our own beliefs!

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