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22 éves
Ki vagyok én?

Sthandiwe is a very tall lady from Gauteng (South Africa) . From a young age I've always taken interest in the entertainment industry, acting and modeling being in the top of my list but my ance, stretch marks, height and now weight have been some sort of a restriction for me. I learnt about the fashion hero and I just knew I had to be a part of that. To learn, grow and hopefully inspire.

Mit gondolok a Fashion Hero TV sorozatról?

I think it's a great initiative that is definitely going to turn tables and inspire a lot of people.

Miért lennék jó példakép a generációm számára, és hogyan inspirálnám az embereket a Fashion Hero új arcaként?

I'm not exactly the perfect image so when people, especially young people see someone like on the fashion hero there'll definitely be inspired.

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