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High School Mentor/ Recruitment Coordinator
29 éves
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My name is Viche’ Thomas, I’m a 29 year old, multi-faceted black woman from Seattle, WA. I’ve worked within the nonprofit industry supporting youth from disadvantaged backgrounds for most of my life and am currently an Engagement/Recruitment Coordinator and Mentor working with high school students. I graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Sociology. Growing up I had low self-esteem all the way up until my sophomore year of college however I consider myself to be very confident now. My beauty is more than skin deep and is really related to my identity as a black woman. Growing up in a Eurocentric society as a black dark-skin woman, I never saw myself as the ideal of beauty. That is until I looked elsewhere and learned about the richness of my culture. My aspirations in life are to encourage all women, especially women of color to love themselves and to see themselves as the ideal of beauty. I love to take pictures of myself - setting up home photoshoots and or just always snapping selfies. I consider myself a serial hobbyist and enjoy doing all types of things. Currently I am involved in gardening, painting, DIY projects, hiking and video editing. I also take care of my 7 yr. old sister 5 days out the week and consider her to be a huge motivation for why I continue to try new things and become a better me. She is hands down the most important person in my life and the reason I know love the way I do.

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I LOVE THAT IT'S REAL PEOPLE WITH NO EDITS AND REAL FLAWS LEARNING TO LOVE THEMSELVES UNAPOLOGETICALLY! I love that it encourages people to love every part of themselves, even in places outside of their comfort zone.

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If you ask anyone who knows me now and knew me in high school they will probably all mention just how much I glowed up and became confident. Growing up I had a very low self-esteem and it showed where as now I am probably one of the most confident people I know. My confidence however is not just from outside appearance because I always make it a point to share my story/journey about how I had to find self-love from doing work. I used to be ashamed of my story and how I spent so much time not loving myself, thinking of all the things I could have experienced had I had it but now I boost in my story and use it to encourage others to start loving themselves unapologetically. I know that if provided the opportunity to be on The Fashion Hero I will use my story and confidence to inspire others to start loving themselves; or to start doing actual steps to get there. Steps like daily affirmations in the mirror, journaling, exploring your ancestry, etc. These are all things that helped me not only love myself and my blackness but helped me identify, call out and start to advocate on behalf of all the things that contributed to my low self-esteem in the first place. I will not only encourage others to love themselves but I will inspire them to be advocates of change so that certain norms that perpetuate certain ideas of beauty are dismantled and replaced. Many times these changes aren’t necessarily big but just include changing our language; no longer using phrases like “fair skin or pretty for a dark skin”.

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