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My name is Abdellah , my coworkers and surroundings call me (Abdel) short and easy , born march the second 1988 , Iam 5'11 , from Morocco , Iam Arab originally , speak Arabic , French and English ,I have a bachelor degree in linguistics and I studied business and tourism, I work in a restaurant for now and I do image consultant ( only for my friends and family for now ) waiting to go to school for that to make it official, I like being in front of the camera I like to dress up, I like fashion and want to go big in that one day ,very open minded humble and ambitious, am trying hard to show the world especial my friends and family that am not just anyone, because Iam someone that find his spot anywhere I go, also Iam that kind of person who likes to give compliments about fashion, I give compliments all day long , and of course I like to receive them, and received compliment about what I wear in so many places where I never expect them. I have a lot to say about myself , want to know more about me add me on Facebook : Abdellah EL hadioui my Instagram : @abdohadioui

A proposito di me

to be a fashion icon and an international model, and thanks to the fashion hero I think I can work on it without felling any type of way also because I believe I have that sense of fashion since I was little child, and with the fashion hero, I can be I hope.


my background, my culture in Morocco is so rich I grow up in a mixture of traditional clothing and European style, and since I moved here to United States about almost four years ago, made me even better in fashion and helped me learn more to accept other and change the idea of fashion and models and that there are all type of shapes and races in fashion, moreover i learned to have these three in one, I can say all can will help me to make a difference and the next fashion hero, because I have my unique touch in everything I wear .

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