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My name is Arte and i am from Nepal. I am 18. I am an animal lover. I am an ambitious and driven person who thrives on challenge and constantly set goals in life.I always find beauty in things that are imperfect . I took my first ever step in the modeling when i was 16 and ever since then i wanted to become a professional model. Also not to forget i loveeeee traveling and chocolates.

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. I have an ardor for sightseeing and cooking. One of my biggest dream is to do something for the animal rights in Nepal. My dream is to help people, be successful in life, to be happy no matter where i am gonna be in life, to have a family and children, to earn enough money so that i can travel, encourage people, to start my own business, and yes to create a history as a model.


I believe that every individuals in this world is basically trying to do their best . We being a human being are allowed to be imperfect, and to be flawed. That is why i feel that there is a lot of beauty in our imperfections, and in our uniqueness. I want to be in the next fashion Hero because i want to inspire young girls like me . Our scars is a big part of who we are today and our worth doesn't come from someone's opinion about the way our body looks. Always remember that to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

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