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Hello my name is Brittany Simpson! I current reside in Fresno California, originally from Greensboro, NC. I am very spontaneous and love adventure. In my quest to seek the next adventure I hope to sky dive before the end of 2019! I love having freedom to do whatever I choose to do in life and pursuing all opportunities that may present themselves. I am able to transform my thoughts into concrete actions and I will do anything to achieve my goals. I am optimistic, strategic, and laser focused on my modeling and actoring career. Through this opportunity I hope to represent a category of women under represented in the field. With your vote, I hope to use this opportunity as a platform to highlight women of all colors, shapes, and sizes. *** follow me on IG @imodel_me


I would like to say that my dreams are my passions in life. I dream of walk on the same runway as Ashley Graham. I want to meet so many influential people such as Ashley Graham of course! Also Marquita Pring, Queen Latifah, Michelle and Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, and the list goes on and on! I want to hug Michelle Obama! I want to be a guest on the Steve Harvey Show and the Ellen show! I want to record an album, even if it’s not to be published just to know I did it! I dream that I am able to walk in many fashion shows as possible around the world. Grace the cover of many magazines, Essence being of of my favorite. I dream of being an actress also. I dream of doing commercials. I dream to be on a billboard or two or three. I dream of starting my own mentoring program for teenage girls. I dream of starting my foundation that means so much to me. I dream of hosting a large event as Miss America Pagnaent or the Grammy’s! I dream... I dream that I would be able to take care of my mom and my family, I dream of giving back to my community to thank them for being the village. I dream of helping others that just can’t help themselves. I dream of a world at peace. I dream of love, passion, humbleness, hope, joy, confidence. I dream of life!


I believe in my heart I was put on this earth for a higher purpose. Moving my entire life from North Carolina to California to following my dreams has been a challenge to say the least. But this was a move of God action for me to prevail. I feel that. God has a purpose for my life. He allowed this opportunity to happen and since being here in California I’ve been able to participate in many of my passions. When I am chosen to be the Next Fashion Hero my mission would be to share my dreams with the world. Me being a plus size model, I have taken noticed that plus size is beginning to gain the shine it has deserved for many years. I want to help continue that trend Baby! WE ARE THE NEXT BIG THING POPPING! I want to encourage plus size women around the world to continue to be Bold, Confident, Sexy, Beautiful, Brave, and. Phenomenal! My heart is big and it’s pure. Im one to never meet a stranger. I am a people lover and I want to put love in the world. I was once told by my Bishop back in my home town that I was not meant to be regular. He told me I had a message for the world and I needed to make sure that I was heard. I believe that this opportunity is a blessing and would give me an amazing platform to give my gift of Gods love he has for me and all his people of the world. I want to model for Jesus! But for now I Thank you All for the support in advance. And to you, who told the time to read my profile I do appreciate you very much! And I love to life. Thank you!! Be blessed

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