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My name is Caeden Meyer. I come from a fairly small city in Canada called Winnipeg. Growing up i had a loving caring mother but my father had a stroke when I was 6 leading him to not be part of my life anymore. I haven’t always had it easy being a dancer when I was young and also being gay I had to go through tons of bullying but that helps me become the strong guy I am today. I have a really good work ethic but I find it very hard to pursue anything that I want to do because of a lack of money and support.

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My dream in life is to become a social media influencer. And as cliche as the sounds I feel like with my story’s and with the way I live my life I could help change other young people like me life’s


I think I could make a difference in the next fashion hero by sharing my stories and spreading the wisdom I have. Even though I am still so young I have a lot to give and share and I am willing to work hard for what I want and also help others out if they are struggling!

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